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A Big Win at the Olmsted

Ed Cahill wins the 2018 Olmsted Quick Paint. On Sunday 4/29/18 Ed Cahill won the Olmsted Plein Air Invitational Community Quick Paint. In its 4th year, the Olmsted Plein Air Invitational has become one of the most prestigious plein air painting competitions in the United States. The win brings with it an invitation to join the invited artists in 2019. The oil painting, 12 x 24″, entitled —Welcome to the Olmsted, features large trees shading the entrance to the park. Over 70 artists participated in the two hour competition.

Snow Down South

This has been a cold winter here in Atlanta—and it’s not over yet! A month or so back we got the most snow that I’ve seen in Atlanta in twenty years. Everyone stayed shut up in the house waiting for it to melt but I was so excited to paint real honest to goodness snow that I spent two days walking up to Mabry Farm from my house in two feet of wet snow and painting as much as possible. The first painting is a small 8 x10″ of one of the trees in the lower pasture covered with snow. It was early and very cold and  new snow was still blowing around when I set up it —wonderful!  No… Read More »Snow Down South

Chistensen Color

2018 is here, with it the end of the holidays and the beginning of getting back to work. As a painter you must be completely self motivated, your own task master, marketing manager, financial officer —and well, everything. I’m set up to teach a class this spring at Kennesaw State and even though it’s just one class and part of their continuing education department, I’ve taken it very seriously and intend to do the best I can for my students. It’s a bit of experiment to see how I like teaching and how effective I can be. I hope to use it as a primer for teaching workshops in the future. If you have some interest and live in the… Read More »Chistensen Color

Apiary at Marbry Farm and more

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve updated my blog. I don’t get a lot of response so it comes late on any list of to dos. It’s been a busy Spring with several competitions and a trip to Apalachicola, all dedicated to painting and selling as much as I can. I’m doing much less ad work and more painting —which is what I want but like much in my life I tend to back into things and this is no exception. I’ve had very little success in winning anything but I have sold quite a bit of work—weather it ads up to much money and replaces my graphic design work is questionable. I work hard at painting and little by… Read More »Apiary at Marbry Farm and more

Spring comes around

It’s inevitable, Spring can’t be stopped. And who would want to? But this winter was good for me in the marsh and on the boardwalk. Now things have changed and I’m looking in framilliar places for the things I love about Spring. Dogwoods, red buds, sunny grass reflecting on eves and longer warmer days to paint. I’ve spent several weekends on Canton Street chasing blossoming trees and strong light. This first one is The Cat Clinic —nothing to do with cats but lots to do with green in all it’s variations. Right below a view of the Fickle Pickle—a very busy restaurant in an old mid 19th century home. The Stone House—another Canton Street landmark that I did just recently—more… Read More »Spring comes around

The Marsh II —Dawn and Dusk

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Over the last several weeks I have devoted my time to a smaller area of the Chattahoochee/Big Creek Estuary that I call the marsh. It’s right at the corner of Willeo and Azalea Roads. I worked on a large 20 x 20″ canvas to start with a view northeast and the sun rising, I call this Dawn. I didn’t want the high contrast of the morning light so I’ve been working mid morning and the light is rather flat but picks up the water as it goes back in steps perhaps a mile or so. It beautiful spot with marsh grasses in various states of growth from very green to a bleached out orange. There are several dead trees that… Read More »The Marsh II —Dawn and Dusk
Ed Cahill Plein Air Chattahoochee Cattails

The Marsh

For the past few months I’ve been spending most of my plein air time at the Chattahoochee River. The #Roswell River Boardwalk, as I’ve explained is all new and a treasure for me and many others who live here. I often take a few finished pieces along with me selling several this way—I enjoy the extra cash but also it’s my wish that others may appreciate them. There is one section of this area that I call the marsh. It’s right at the corner of Wellio Rd and Azalea Drive and is about a mile square on the river side. It’s dominated by clumped gasses and cattails. Right now it’s the favorite spot for Canadian gees to gather in pairs… Read More »The Marsh

Back to the River for Winter

I’ve lived here in Marietta nearly twenty years now. It’s actually my second tour of duty here in Georgia, so almost thirty years in this lovely warm spot. Over the years it’s grown more hectic and crazy on the roads, thank God I have avoided most of this by working out of my house the last fifteen years. When I started painting plein air in earnest five years back I knew it would take a lot of work—a lot of brush in the bush time to get to the point I could call myself a professional. This certainly has been the case,with some bravery and ingenuity I might have sped up the process by several decades! There are many young… Read More »Back to the River for Winter
Mary Oaks Ed Cahill Plein Air

Season’s Shifting

I’ve come to find a few people read this—so I should keep up . It was an extremely dry Fall here in North Georgia and even though I was worried about my shrubs dying it made for a very colorful and paintable season. All the usual suspects were visited at one time or another. Starting with Mabry Farm. While Colley Whisson visited last summer I took him on a tour of my favorite place to paint. He took loads of photos so you might see a Mabry Farm painting from him eventually. While giving the tour I noticed a small spot that had gone without my attention and a few weeks later I spent a nice quite few hours painting… Read More »Season’s Shifting

Featured in Outdoor Painter online Newsletter

Can’t say enough about the nice job Bob Bahr at OutdoorPainter.com did putting together a little story about my favorite place to paint— Mabry Farm. I’m fortunate to live so near this painter’s goldmine and also thankful that people are interested in the work I do there. There are places like Mabry just about everywhere, as plein air painters we have a way to experience and express their importance. My Favorite Place to Paint: Ed Cahill