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Mabry Farm Revisited

I spend so much time here that I have to occasionally update my work. Last week Cobb County announced that the construction of the access road back to a portion of the property that the county now owns will start. This is big news for the association that has been trying to raise money, but I think in the end the county had some funds from the SPLOST 1% tax increase and decided to use it here. I hope things go well.  Spring is a wonderful thing at the farm and the weather has been cool and dry. The flowering trees—pear, peach, dogwood and bushes have been extra special this year. I’ve done several paintings of the original farmhouse this… Read MoreMabry Farm Revisited »

The Grand Trip

Along the Rim —Yavapai Pont. 8 x 16, oil on linen. This was painted on a day that I went out with Dario. Just about ten minutes from the lodge we were staying in. I started this plein air and finished it up in the studio. I got this idea the day before while walking along the rim and noticing these beautiful cedar trees and the interesting rocks that they have in this area to define the trail. I thought a wide format would work nice with this and I brought several 8×16’s along. The strong silhouette and the diagonal from top right to bottom left just worked themselves in with this. My wife says it reminds her of Art… Read MoreThe Grand Trip »

Sloan Street

Over the last several years I have spent quite a bit of time on Sloan Street in Roswell. The road reaches back east towards Big Creek ( or Vickery Creek, as some call it) from Atlanta Rd. and is about a mile long. Many of the houses are original and date back to the 1850s —before the Civil war. I usually park at the mill and hike up the street looking for targets of opportunity. On Valentines Day and I was up early and over to Roswell where I found myself in front of this older yellow home with this slouching metal roof. I’ve scouted this spot before so I wasted no time setting up. It backs up to the… Read MoreSloan Street »

The Oxbo

  • Ed Cahill 
As Big Creek meanders through Roswell GA in loops back on itself to form an oxbo. Oxbo Rd. intersects Atlanta Street and runs east along the creek for several miles. This is one of the older sections of town and has escaped the development that has affected most of Roswell—for now at least. I was drawn to the simple forms of old homes here, mostly two bedroom small bungalows looking like they were built in the 30s of 40s. There are a few parks in the area too and a month or so back I did a painting of this snag along a rain swollen area of the creek that almost resembles a canal. I started paintings of the houses… Read MoreThe Oxbo »
Barrington Hall, Ed Cahill, Plein Air Painting

Historic Homes of Roswell

I’m a bit of a fanatic and tend to do things to the extreme, good or bad. Of course painting is one of those things. My subject matter is not all that radical though—I like architecture. My first plein air classes were with John Guernsey, who lives here in Marietta and I consider him very skilled and I learned a lot from the sessions I had with him. One of his classes met at a park in Marietta and he had us paint views of the older southern houses on the road directly across the street. I have always been a big fan of Southern domestic architecture—classic proportions, simplified ornament. You might call this style Classical Revival and I’m drawn… Read MoreHistoric Homes of Roswell »
Chattahoochee Sunrise, Ed Cahill, Georgia Landscape Painting

The Chattahoochee Estuary

It’s Winter or stick season as we plein air painters call it. Trees are hard enough to paint let alone when they are just brown sticks in the sky. At least we have plenty of pines in Georgia to keep a haze of green in our paintings. I’m always perplexed as to where to go to paint this time of year but I think I’ve finally figured it out. The Chattahoochee near Roswell has an estuary, just like ones on the coast, a large flat flooded area where, in this case, Big Creek dumps out into the river. I paint Big creek —or Vickery Creek as some call it, a lot. In any case this area where the creek feeds… Read MoreThe Chattahoochee Estuary »
Colors of Fall, Ed Cahill, Georgia Landscape Painting

Finally Fall

  It’s been an unfortunate Fall. Way too much rain, especially on the weekends. The leafs have just been washed off the trees and without some sunlight there is little to see. Saturation takes bright light and without it all you have is a two dimensional pattern of reds, grays, oranges and an occasional yellow. Still I need to paint, and on the few nice days during the last few weeks I managed to get may act together and get some work done. Three weeks ago I had a free Friday afternoon so I gathered my kit together and drove over to Mabry Farm where I’m treated like family now. I park the Z and wonder off into the pasture… Read MoreFinally Fall »
Reflections in the Alley, Ed Cahill, Marietta Painting

Limited Palette —Big Results

Anders Zorn, the famous 19th century Swedish painter is said to have painted most of his work with a very limited palette—ivory black, cadmium red, yellow ocher and white. Blue is the big missing ingredient and in my book it’s pretty important, but I’ve been looking for something to give me a fresh approach, so for the last month or so I’ve done several paintings using this formula. For rainy days it’s ideal, the overall grayness that comes with the use of black can really unify the look and color. I’m finding that ivory black is not as potent as I thought it might be and that the darks although a bit dull and colorless are easier to control. A… Read MoreLimited Palette —Big Results »
Ford in a Field, Ed Cahill, Georgia Landscape Painting

A Busy Month

For the last month or more I have been busy with visitors and painting as much a possible. The Olmsted Plein Air event was here for a week and I attened the Quick Paint on Sunday 4/26. They had a very impressive list of painters and I was able to spend some time with the few I know. Of all the recent competitions I wanted to do well here and after some prep work on the previous weekend I was set to preform. I did a 8×16″ and thought my work was good but in the end was not chosen. This perhaps was due to poor placement and some bad choices. I was little stunned but I did sell my… Read MoreA Busy Month »
Mabry House, Ed Cahill, Plein Air Painting

Paint what you know—Mabry Farm

Like writers, painters should paint what they know. Plein air painters should paint the places they live near. In my case, I have a wealth of interesting subjects just outside the door. So much in fact that I will leave out the mounds work that I do here on my own property for another post. Instead I’ll show you some of the paintings done just about a block from my neighborhood at Mabry Farm over on Wesley Chapel Rd. There is a small group of homes and a few farms owned by the relatives of the Mabry family who have been in these parts for over 100 years and have had the forethought to keep their land as rural as… Read MorePaint what you know—Mabry Farm »