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Ed Cahill, Plein Air Painting

“Go to” Redbud

Nothing like going to the well once again for what you know works. I believe it’s a good idea to reinforce your strengths. Over the years I’ve developed techniques that work for me and I try to use them again and again. I also have my “go to” subjects and redbud trees in bloom fit into that category. The intense purple against the bright Spring green has a real wow factor that is hard to dislike. This Saturday I wandered over to McFarlane Park —another go to, and spent the afternoon amidst the early Spring growth. In truth, the color is a bit early here but bright days without work to do are scarce so I was over with my… Read More »“Go to” Redbud
Hint of Spring, Ed Cahill, Plein Air Painting

Spring brings a new begining

Issues with my web site and blog have finally been resolved thanks to my daughter Jennifer, whom is my web rock star—Thanks, as always Jen. The new website is cleaner and html based so viewers (few) should not have any ipad issues ect.   This is the first week of Spring and I am always drawn to flowering trees like a bee. Monday afternoon I took the afternoon off and hiked down the hill for this early spring view of the small stream that crosses Running Fox Dr. I’ve painted here several times before—most with good results. I was attracted by, of course the water but also the chartruse  glow of new growth in the light contrasted against the still faded… Read More »Spring brings a new begining

October Trips

The high point of a very busy October was a trip I made to New York. I was commissioned  buy an old (she would shudder at me saying that)  high school friend to paint the offices of the Henry Street Settlement  a fantastic charitable organization with ties to the Lower East Side in Manhattan. Sue wanted me to paint from some photos but I suggested that I fly up visit my father in Trenton the same weekend and kill two birds with one stone. It worked out well and I was able to spend a few days in New York painting along with some time with my 89 year old father.  All the preparation with equipment and supplies, weather, driving,… Read More »October Trips

Walnut Mountain

I’m catching up on work I did late d last year including a trip that I made up to Blue Ridge to retrieve my three paintings at the arts center there. It’s a beautiful area so I had no trouble on the way back I finding a good spot to paint. The weather was perfect and fall was at it’s best for these two 8 x 16’s that I did in the Walnut Mountain area. I small valley about ten miles south along 575 . As usual I ran into a few of the locals as I painted—the owner of the house I painted allowed me to scale on of the hills in his cow pasture where this view down… Read More »Walnut Mountain
The Wild Taccoa, Ed Cahill, Georgia Plein Air

Shut out for fall

  As soon as the weather cools off plein air starts to heat up again. Although this is still a very warm part of the year in Georgia there were two paint outs scheduled for the same weekend—everything or nothing. A defense for my rather poor showing in both competitions is that I was prepared to be hosting Colley Whisson here at the house while he was teaching a class downtown at Binder’s but at the last minute he had visa problems and had to cancel his trip. I was looking forward to his visit but at the same time I was a bit disappointed that I would miss the Blue Ridge event, especially after winning last year. So when… Read More »Shut out for fall
Southern Delight

Painting like a mad man

Sometimes I just overdo it. You can can just get over excited and I find that my personality is a bit that way. This Saturday I pulled a three painting marathon on Saturday. I drove down and parked my car near the corner of Azalea Drive along the Chattahoochee. I’ve been up early so I can get out before it gets too hot and get more work done. I saw a spot close to this  parking with a view of the river as it flattens out and floods a large area but when I got to the spot the light just did nothing and I decided to walk farther north to a park just about a mile down the road.… Read More »Painting like a mad man
Fishing Shack

Labor Day 2014

I love Labor Day. It’s at the end of a usually hot summer with the thrill of a bit of color other than green down the road. It’s also a very relaxed holiday with no gifts to buy, parades to go to and minimal family commitments. It’s just a day off at the nicest time of the year. Saturday morning I drove out to Ford Island State Park on the south shore of the Chattahoochee. It’s a nice park and has a lot clear views up and down the river. I’ve been mesmerized by the water lately —and I was really thinking about doing a house portrait but for some reason just could not get away from it this weekend.… Read More »Labor Day 2014
Perfect Spot

Summer’s End

As I sit at my computer I’m planning the weekend’s painting excursions, this week and for that mater the entire month has been busy with not only painting but work as well. I’m a graphic designer by trade—actually own a small advertising business and cater to car dealers. My father was a dealer and my grandfather too so I have a pretty good background. Over the years we have had a lot success that I am thankful for, but it takes most of my time during the week and I would rather be painting. I just can’t say no to fairly lucrative work that comes rather easy for me. I do feel that part timers like myself are a bit… Read More »Summer’s End
Loading Dock

Half way thru August

  I’ve been busy with my show for the last few weeks framing and getting everything ready. If you live in the area it’s at the Art Place on Sandy Plains Rd. in Marietta till the end of August.. This last weekend I was up early both mornings to get out before family commitments. It work out very well with a few paintings that have that summer morning feel and a lot atmosphere. The first is a river scene painted over near a spot I’ve painted quite a bit before. Last time I noticed this view only a few hundred feet from the park entrance. I  had to set up on the road so I was dodging cars while stepping… Read More »Half way thru August
Sunday on the River

Watersports Weekend

If painting were a sport I’d certainly be a true weekend warrior. In my mind standing up for eight hours at a time, back and forth hundreds of times to get a longer look just might qualify for exercise. I have to remind myself to take a break and drink some water or walk around a bit. This week I should have gone for dip in the lake while I was up at Allatoona on Saturday. It was a glorious day and all I had to do was take off my shirt and jump in. I drove up HWY 92 out of Woodstock about twenty miles northwest and then straight north on Old Alabama Rd. to Lake Allatoona. This is… Read More »Watersports Weekend