Chistensen Color

2018 is here, with it the end of the holidays and the beginning of getting back to work. As a painter you must be completely self motivated, your own task master, marketing manager, financial officer —and well, everything. I’m set up to teach a class this spring at Kennesaw State and even though it’s just one class and part of their continuing education department, I’ve taken it very seriously and intend to do the best I can for my students. It’s a bit of experiment to see how I like teaching and how effective I can be. I hope to use it as a primer for teaching workshops in the future. If you have some interest and live in the… Read MoreChistensen Color »

The Marsh II —Dawn and Dusk

  • Ed Cahill 
Over the last several weeks I have devoted my time to a smaller area of the Chattahoochee/Big Creek Estuary that I call the marsh. It’s right at the corner of Willeo and Azalea Roads. I worked on a large 20 x 20″ canvas to start with a view northeast and the sun rising, I call this Dawn. I didn’t want the high contrast of the morning light so I’ve been working mid morning and the light is rather flat but picks up the water as it goes back in steps perhaps a mile or so. It beautiful spot with marsh grasses in various states of growth from very green to a bleached out orange. There are several dead trees that… Read MoreThe Marsh II —Dawn and Dusk »

Back to the River for Winter

I’ve lived here in Marietta nearly twenty years now. It’s actually my second tour of duty here in Georgia, so almost thirty years in this lovely warm spot. Over the years it’s grown more hectic and crazy on the roads, thank God I have avoided most of this by working out of my house the last fifteen years. When I started painting plein air in earnest five years back I knew it would take a lot of work—a lot of brush in the bush time to get to the point I could call myself a professional. This certainly has been the case,with some bravery and ingenuity I might have sped up the process by several decades! There are many young… Read MoreBack to the River for Winter »
Island Ford, Ed Cahill, Plein Air Painting

Shade and Sun

I’m a graphic designer and have made a living at it for almost twenty years now. I’m proud but realize that all that time I spent in my craft was time not painting and not learning how to be a professional painter. I’m a father and and husband, and with that took what paths I could to support my family. I don’t think I’m a snob about it but I do realize a distinct difference in painting plein air.  I’ve always been a painter since a little boy— I was born to be one.  And I’ve always painted outside—but this idea of branding it as ”plein air” is a new thing for me.  Even though I was aware of the… Read MoreShade and Sun »
Chattahoochee at Island Ford, Ed Cahill, Plein Air Painting

February’s first weekend

I’m averaging a few paintings every weekend and did so again this first one of the month. Looking for some classes to take and I noticed that Rodger Dale Brown is going to teach one up in Dahlonega at the Art Loft this spring so I’m going to see if I can make the time to attend. I like his tonal painting in which he limits very effectively the very dark and very light thus giving his work an atmospheric feel that I wish I could adopt. I’m a big believer now of taking a class—when you can afford it. I seams like they are all $400 + and that’s a lot of money. Also you need to travel and… Read MoreFebruary’s first weekend »
Evening on the Chatahoochee, Ed Cahill, Plein Air Painting

River of magic, French flavor plein air

That’s kind of a dramatic title, none-the-less I’m drawn to this beautiful section of the Chattahoochee as she winds her way down to the gulf. It so wide here and well used with people exploring, fishing and rowing their hearts out but I find that if you just sit and look for a while you see what really makes it special. It’s the light. I have an advantage that as a painter I’m spending a long time in one spot and I’m so busy that I’m not distracted or bored. You see how things change from hour to hour and it’s like a symphony that comes to a crescendo when the light is it’s most dramatic. This comes in waves… Read MoreRiver of magic, French flavor plein air »
Twin Bridges, Ed Cahill, Plein Air Painting

Sunday on the River.

The past few weeks I’ve been driving around trying to find a spot with blaring fall color. Last weekend I ended up on the river on Sunday and spent most the day on a view of the twin bridges that cross the Chattahoochee just East of the I75 /285 interchange. The day started with some sun and color but as it wore on the light turned to gray. I was working on an 11 x 14″ and it takes me 4 to 5 hours to get them covered but I spent close to 7 working back and forth on this painting and in the end took it home and touched it up. Of course that’s usually a mistake and the… Read MoreSunday on the River. »