Air Park, Ed Cahill, Plein Air Painting

February bonus time

You’d have to be crazy to complain about the weather in Atlanta. With the rest of the country buried in snow it was 70 here on Saturday and warm enough to paint outside all weekend. I returned in earnest to the Air Park near Dobbins AFB . I discovered this collection of planes while out searching for a spot last weekend. Most have something to do with the air base or Lockheed  Martin who has a plant just North of the runway. After another meeting with my tax accountant I got over about noon and set up in front of this 50’s vintage F-84 Tunderstreak. It’s a beauty and just speaks early jet aviation with it’s center line intake, coke… Read MoreFebruary bonus time »
Forsythe, Ed Cahill, Plein Air Painting

No sun —Winter plein air

I’m seeing a lot of nice winter scenes posted from some of my fellow plein air painters but here in Georgia all we are getting is cloudy days and rain. Don’t misunderstand me I’m not a cold weather fan but I do like snow paintings, and wouldn’t mind visiting  just to paint  if you could get home for dinner. So what you see here are a few 11 x14″ paintings done this weekend. The first up in Forsythe county just a few minutes north of here. It’s a bit more rural and this features an older farm home  stuck out in the field with a heard of sheep in front. I’m telling you that because you will not be able… Read MoreNo sun —Winter plein air »
Sope Creek, Ed Cahill, Plein Air Painting

Still on my way – Plein air at Sope Creek

I‘m so very happy to paint almost every weekend  but it’s really not enough to get to my goal of being a first rate professional. I need to find more time and plan the time I have better. This weekend I spent both days frustrated by a knack of not knowing when to quit. This may be tied to some new practices I have developed with the use of a slower drying medium and a new smaller brush. I like the extra time the slower medium gives me mostly when cleaning my brushes and gear, the fast drying ones tend to ruin brushes with a vengeance and I’m tired of buying new brushes all the time. Truth be told if… Read MoreStill on my way – Plein air at Sope Creek »