Mabry Farm Revisited

I spend so much time here that I have to occasionally update my work. Last week Cobb County announced that the construction of the access road back to a portion of the property that the county now owns will start. This is big news for the association that has been trying to raise money, but I think in the end the county had some funds from the SPLOST 1% tax increase and decided to use it here. I hope things go well.  Spring is a wonderful thing at the farm and the weather has been cool and dry. The flowering trees—pear, peach, dogwood and bushes have been extra special this year. I’ve done several paintings of the original farmhouse this… Read MoreMabry Farm Revisited »
Spring on Running Fox Dr

Full Bloom

Spring is in full bloom here in the South and I’ve tried to capture some of the color and excitement with several paintings of the flowering trees and azaleas so prevalent in this area. Last weekend was the first session of the Gwinnett Plein Air Challenge and we painted at Vines Gardens in Loganville. I did a large (for me) 18 x 20″ of one the lakeside pavilions and enjoyed visiting and painting with some of the other artists. We have three of four more sessions before the end of the summer leading up to a show at the Tannery Row Gallery and awards in September. This week I worked on a view of a house I often notice as… Read MoreFull Bloom »

Easter Sunday in paint

After settling for third place  in my local plein air paint out I was a bit dismayed but I have a tough skin and things  were back to normal this weekend. I am so taken by the flowering trees this Spring and every chance I get I paint the latest to bloom. First was the Chinese Magnolia then the pear trees and now the cherry trees are going at it. Soon, my favorite dogwoods will be in their glory so you can expect a few more. This weekend was Easter Sunday and I got up early to catch a flowering cherry tree down the hill here on my street. I’ve been experimenting with how to paint flowering trees and this one… Read MoreEaster Sunday in paint »
Chattahoochee at Island Ford, Ed Cahill, Plein Air Painting

February’s first weekend

I’m averaging a few paintings every weekend and did so again this first one of the month. Looking for some classes to take and I noticed that Rodger Dale Brown is going to teach one up in Dahlonega at the Art Loft this spring so I’m going to see if I can make the time to attend. I like his tonal painting in which he limits very effectively the very dark and very light thus giving his work an atmospheric feel that I wish I could adopt. I’m a big believer now of taking a class—when you can afford it. I seams like they are all $400 + and that’s a lot of money. Also you need to travel and… Read MoreFebruary’s first weekend »
Mill at Vickery Creek, Ed Cahill, Roswell Plein Air Painting

Liner Crazy

A quick post on the weekend’s plein air. I bought a liner brush last week and though I did not use it I had some fun with it touching these two 11 x 14s up after hours of frustrating effort trying to get those stick trees in just right. I think I overdid it a bit but I enjoyed the free feeling and if I temper myself I think I can make it work in my tool box. The top painting was done Sunday on Vickery Creek. I blogged a few times about this wonderful stretch of  water so I will not repeat myself. It’s been cloudy for the last few weeks but I do like the browns and grays… Read MoreLiner Crazy »
Forsythe, Ed Cahill, Plein Air Painting

No sun —Winter plein air

I’m seeing a lot of nice winter scenes posted from some of my fellow plein air painters but here in Georgia all we are getting is cloudy days and rain. Don’t misunderstand me I’m not a cold weather fan but I do like snow paintings, and wouldn’t mind visiting  just to paint  if you could get home for dinner. So what you see here are a few 11 x14″ paintings done this weekend. The first up in Forsythe county just a few minutes north of here. It’s a bit more rural and this features an older farm home  stuck out in the field with a heard of sheep in front. I’m telling you that because you will not be able… Read MoreNo sun —Winter plein air »
25 Sloan Street, Ed Cahill, Plein Air Painting

Sloan Street

Sunday I drove over to the Sloan Street neighborhood in Roswell. This is one of my favorite places to paint houses_a subject I use to firm up my confidence. Over the last year I’ve painted here a half dozen times and I’m drawn to the well kept and restored 1800’s homes in the area. They are simple, but well proportioned and for the most part original. This view of 25 Sloan St. was an easy find with it’s striking green contrasting the orange fall leaves. I’m a sucker for fences too and although I know they are hard to paint and have a potential for looking busy I just cant resist them. I spent five hours on this — too… Read MoreSloan Street »