Mabry Farm

Chistensen Color

2018 is here, with it the end of the holidays and the beginning of getting back to work. As a painter you must be completely self motivated, your own task master, marketing manager, financial officer —and well, everything. I’m set up to teach a class this spring at Kennesaw State and even though it’s just one class and part of their continuing education department, I’ve taken it very seriously and intend to do the best I can for my students. It’s a bit of experiment to see how I like teaching and how effective I can be. I hope to use it as a primer for teaching workshops in the future. If you have some interest and live in the… Read MoreChistensen Color »
Mary Oaks Ed Cahill Plein Air

Season’s Shifting

I’ve come to find a few people read this—so I should keep up . It was an extremely dry Fall here in North Georgia and even though I was worried about my shrubs dying it made for a very colorful and paintable season. All the usual suspects were visited at one time or another. Starting with Mabry Farm. While Colley Whisson visited last summer I took him on a tour of my favorite place to paint. He took loads of photos so you might see a Mabry Farm painting from him eventually. While giving the tour I noticed a small spot that had gone without my attention and a few weeks later I spent a nice quite few hours painting… Read MoreSeason’s Shifting »

Featured in Outdoor Painter online Newsletter

Can’t say enough about the nice job Bob Bahr at did putting together a little story about my favorite place to paint— Mabry Farm. I’m fortunate to live so near this painter’s goldmine and also thankful that people are interested in the work I do there. There are places like Mabry just about everywhere, as plein air painters we have a way to experience and express their importance. My Favorite Place to Paint: Ed Cahill Please like & share:

Mabry Farm Revisited

I spend so much time here that I have to occasionally update my work. Last week Cobb County announced that the construction of the access road back to a portion of the property that the county now owns will start. This is big news for the association that has been trying to raise money, but I think in the end the county had some funds from the SPLOST 1% tax increase and decided to use it here. I hope things go well.  Spring is a wonderful thing at the farm and the weather has been cool and dry. The flowering trees—pear, peach, dogwood and bushes have been extra special this year. I’ve done several paintings of the original farmhouse this… Read MoreMabry Farm Revisited »
Colors of Fall, Ed Cahill, Georgia Landscape Painting

Finally Fall

  It’s been an unfortunate Fall. Way too much rain, especially on the weekends. The leafs have just been washed off the trees and without some sunlight there is little to see. Saturation takes bright light and without it all you have is a two dimensional pattern of reds, grays, oranges and an occasional yellow. Still I need to paint, and on the few nice days during the last few weeks I managed to get may act together and get some work done. Three weeks ago I had a free Friday afternoon so I gathered my kit together and drove over to Mabry Farm where I’m treated like family now. I park the Z and wonder off into the pasture… Read MoreFinally Fall »
Mabry House, Ed Cahill, Plein Air Painting

Paint what you know—Mabry Farm

Like writers, painters should paint what they know. Plein air painters should paint the places they live near. In my case, I have a wealth of interesting subjects just outside the door. So much in fact that I will leave out the mounds work that I do here on my own property for another post. Instead I’ll show you some of the paintings done just about a block from my neighborhood at Mabry Farm over on Wesley Chapel Rd. There is a small group of homes and a few farms owned by the relatives of the Mabry family who have been in these parts for over 100 years and have had the forethought to keep their land as rural as… Read MorePaint what you know—Mabry Farm »