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Cobb/Marietta Museum Paint Out—Third Time’s a Charm

I’ve been doing plein air for about three years now, maybe just a bit longer. The third Marietta/Cobb Museum Paint Out was held this weekend. The museum is small but has a great staff and utilizes many volunteers. They have quite few exhibitions every year along with organized competitive shows one for all art including sculpture and photography called Metro Montage. The other is their plein air competition. This is the third time I’ve participated and I’ve finish third two years in a row. If you’ve been following the blog you know I’ve been painting Marietta for the last few weeks in anticipation. I like these competitions, they bring out the best in me which is strange because I’m not… Read MoreCobb/Marietta Museum Paint Out—Third Time’s a Charm »
Marshaling Yard, Ed Cahill, Plein Air Painting

Day 2 Marietta/Cobb Museum Paint Out

Day 2 started with cold rain and as I drove over to the museum. I took a short detour to check on a location that I found on Google maps the other day. I like trains and I followed the tracks through Marietta on an overhead view and found a marshaling yard right outside of town off old Hwy 41. I was not sure I could find it, but after a few turns there it was. A large yard full of parked rail cars and the pot of gold—a few nice red diesel locomotives. So I decided to start the day here and finish at a beautiful pale yellow painted Victorian house on Church street that I noticed  Saturday. I… Read MoreDay 2 Marietta/Cobb Museum Paint Out »
Shilling's on the Square, Ed Cahill, Plein Air Painting

Marietta/Cobb Museum Paint Out Day 1

 This weekend was the first paint out of the season. It’s been unseasonably cold this Spring so far, but to me it’s better than 90 in March as it can be here occasionally. Still the forecast was for rain on both Saturday and Sunday. This is the second such event sponsored by the museum and they did a great job organizing it but not so great marketing it. I can’t complain too much unless I wish to go and volunteer—most likely not. I don’t have enough time and I need to paint every spare minute I get. So after a short Friday night meeting I attended so I could assess the competition. I decide that that I had a good… Read MoreMarietta/Cobb Museum Paint Out Day 1 »
Garbage Night, Ed Cahill, Plein Air Painting


I like to paint at night. It simplifies everything and lets light be the star of the show. I did this Sunday night after watching Downton Abbey and finished up by about 11:15. I bought one of those camper headlights and strapped it to my baseball cap. A bit  of a glare but I was able to work through it. This is the end of my driveway on garbage night. I’ve notice a few other possible painting while walking the dog and hope to get more done in the coming weeks. Nice thing about painting at night the light does not change —unless someone turns it off. Please like & share: