Mary Oaks Ed Cahill Plein Air

Season’s Shifting

I’ve come to find a few people read this—so I should keep up . It was an extremely dry Fall here in North Georgia and even though I was worried about my shrubs dying it made for a very colorful and paintable season. All the usual suspects were visited at one time or another. Starting with Mabry Farm. While Colley Whisson visited last summer I took him on a tour of my favorite place to paint. He took loads of photos so you might see a Mabry Farm painting from him eventually. While giving the tour I noticed a small spot that had gone without my attention and a few weeks later I spent a nice quite few hours painting… Read MoreSeason’s Shifting »
Ed Cahill, Plein Air Painting

“Go to” Redbud

Nothing like going to the well once again for what you know works. I believe it’s a good idea to reinforce your strengths. Over the years I’ve developed techniques that work for me and I try to use them again and again. I also have my “go to” subjects and redbud trees in bloom fit into that category. The intense purple against the bright Spring green has a real wow factor that is hard to dislike. This Saturday I wandered over to McFarlane Park —another go to, and spent the afternoon amidst the early Spring growth. In truth, the color is a bit early here but bright days without work to do are scarce so I was over with my… Read More“Go to” Redbud »
Morning Light at McFarlane

Weekend Work

Yesterday a woman came up to me while I was out painting and said “Oh how blissful —you must be so relaxed” Well, not really—it’s work. I look at it that way. I have long way to go to get to my objective. Painting is rarely relaxing for me. I’m working out problems, getting things roughed in, trying to catch the light, finishing up. In essence, plain and simple I’m working. I love it, but it’s not relaxing. Many people don’t understand this, other painters do. This kind of attitude makes it easier to sustain my level of commitment, I have a job to do and I’m going to get it done—the best I can. This weekend I painted at… Read MoreWeekend Work »
Spring at the Farm

McFarlane in the Spring

Nearly two years ago I was looking for places to paint and ended up at McFarlane Park in Cobb County. Since then I’ve spent many sessions recording how this quiet unspoiled landscape looks at all times of the year. With spring in full bloom and a show planned for October I went back over to this farm park to see how it looked. I was greeted by a mix of flowering trees, red bud, dogwood and cheery all in their prime. I was attracted to the red bud, a wispy dark barked tree with intensely redish purple blooms. The white fences that surround the front acreage are quite wonderful and frame up views and accent others. I set up and… Read MoreMcFarlane in the Spring »
Old town Roswell, Ed Cahill, Plein Air Painting

Wacky Weather Plein Air in Roswell

Global warming—if it’s a reality can lead to opportunities to paint more. I guess that’s a good spin a bad problem but I need all the good I can get. I’ve been thinking about doing some street scenes in the historic part of Roswell for a quite awhile now and finally got up my nerve to give it a go. I really don’t like a lot of people  looking at my work as I paint but I am getting use to it. I hedged my fear with the idea of getting out early before the crowds start to gather and that was accurate. I was set up and started before 10am Saturday and Sunday morning. I used  a few on… Read MoreWacky Weather Plein Air in Roswell »