Chistensen Color

2018 is here, with it the end of the holidays and the beginning of getting back to work. As a painter you must be completely self motivated, your own task master, marketing manager, financial officer —and well, everything. I’m set up to teach a class this spring at Kennesaw State and even though it’s just one class and part of their continuing education department, I’ve taken it very seriously and intend to do the best I can for my students. It’s a bit of experiment to see how I like teaching and how effective I can be. I hope to use it as a primer for teaching workshops in the future. If you have some interest and live in the… Read MoreChistensen Color »

Spring comes around

It’s inevitable, Spring can’t be stopped. And who would want to? But this winter was good for me in the marsh and on the boardwalk. Now things have changed and I’m looking in framilliar places for the things I love about Spring. Dogwoods, red buds, sunny grass reflecting on eves and longer warmer days to paint. I’ve spent several weekends on Canton Street chasing blossoming trees and strong light. This first one is The Cat Clinic —nothing to do with cats but lots to do with green in all it’s variations. Right below a view of the Fickle Pickle—a very busy restaurant in an old mid 19th century home. The Stone House—another Canton Street landmark that I did just recently—more… Read MoreSpring comes around »

Back to the River for Winter

I’ve lived here in Marietta nearly twenty years now. It’s actually my second tour of duty here in Georgia, so almost thirty years in this lovely warm spot. Over the years it’s grown more hectic and crazy on the roads, thank God I have avoided most of this by working out of my house the last fifteen years. When I started painting plein air in earnest five years back I knew it would take a lot of work—a lot of brush in the bush time to get to the point I could call myself a professional. This certainly has been the case,with some bravery and ingenuity I might have sped up the process by several decades! There are many young… Read MoreBack to the River for Winter »
Hint of Spring, Ed Cahill, Plein Air Painting

Spring brings a new begining

Issues with my web site and blog have finally been resolved thanks to my daughter Jennifer, whom is my web rock star—Thanks, as always Jen. The new website is cleaner and html based so viewers (few) should not have any ipad issues ect.   This is the first week of Spring and I am always drawn to flowering trees like a bee. Monday afternoon I took the afternoon off and hiked down the hill for this early spring view of the small stream that crosses Running Fox Dr. I’ve painted here several times before—most with good results. I was attracted by, of course the water but also the chartruse  glow of new growth in the light contrasted against the still faded… Read MoreSpring brings a new begining »
Naylor Hall

So many houses – so little time

I love to paint house portraits. Especially 1800’s style southern classic revival homes. I’ve done so many that I’ve become an expert at the form. The way the fluted columns set outside the corners of the roofs, the classic “golden rectangle ” proportions and white on white clapboard. I love the way they reflect the lavish lawns that so often surround them making them green at the bottom and lavender as they reach for the sky. This one was painted about a month ago in Roswell on Canton Rd. It’s Naylor Hall and is now used for wedding receptions  and special occasions. This information is from the website. “Built in the 1840’s by Barrington King for H.W. Proudfoot and his… Read MoreSo many houses – so little time »
Redezvous at the Falls

A quick update

Over the last few weeks I’ve been painting quite a bit but have no time for the blog. If you’re like me you’d rather see the work anyway so I will upload some the paintings I’ve done. The first group were done with Leon Holmes on his last day here in the US. We spent the day at Vickery Creek here in Roswell along with a great dinner at Salt in Roswell, finishing up with a nocturnes afterward. The is second group of two plein airs were done on Hembree Rd. in Roswell. There is a stretch of somewhat undisturbed rural beauty consisting of a few early home and a small farm. This is a spot that has been on… Read MoreA quick update »
Spring Afternoon at Vickery Creek

Memorial Day 2013

This was the first weekend back to a normal schedule of two a day in quite some time. The weather was fantastic with high 70’s and very little humidity. I can’t remember such a string of more perfect days. Saturday I drove over to Vickery Creek and set up right on the water for these two views, one south with the ruins of the old mill and the other north. I thought the north view was better at first but have grown to see the other as more interesting. Both required a bit of work after the fact—but not much. Sunday I stayed home with my visiting dad and watched the Indy 500. My father’s wife has a lot of… Read MoreMemorial Day 2013 »
Old town Roswell, Ed Cahill, Plein Air Painting

Wacky Weather Plein Air in Roswell

Global warming—if it’s a reality can lead to opportunities to paint more. I guess that’s a good spin a bad problem but I need all the good I can get. I’ve been thinking about doing some street scenes in the historic part of Roswell for a quite awhile now and finally got up my nerve to give it a go. I really don’t like a lot of people  looking at my work as I paint but I am getting use to it. I hedged my fear with the idea of getting out early before the crowds start to gather and that was accurate. I was set up and started before 10am Saturday and Sunday morning. I used  a few on… Read MoreWacky Weather Plein Air in Roswell »
Mill at Vickery Creek, Ed Cahill, Roswell Plein Air Painting

Liner Crazy

A quick post on the weekend’s plein air. I bought a liner brush last week and though I did not use it I had some fun with it touching these two 11 x 14s up after hours of frustrating effort trying to get those stick trees in just right. I think I overdid it a bit but I enjoyed the free feeling and if I temper myself I think I can make it work in my tool box. The top painting was done Sunday on Vickery Creek. I blogged a few times about this wonderful stretch of  water so I will not repeat myself. It’s been cloudy for the last few weeks but I do like the browns and grays… Read MoreLiner Crazy »
25 Sloan Street, Ed Cahill, Plein Air Painting

Sloan Street

Sunday I drove over to the Sloan Street neighborhood in Roswell. This is one of my favorite places to paint houses_a subject I use to firm up my confidence. Over the last year I’ve painted here a half dozen times and I’m drawn to the well kept and restored 1800’s homes in the area. They are simple, but well proportioned and for the most part original. This view of 25 Sloan St. was an easy find with it’s striking green contrasting the orange fall leaves. I’m a sucker for fences too and although I know they are hard to paint and have a potential for looking busy I just cant resist them. I spent five hours on this — too… Read MoreSloan Street »