The Mahogany Room, Ed Cahill, Plein Air Painting

Heading toward Spring

March is here and it wont be long until I’m painting flowering trees out back but this weekend was cold and I decided to stay close to home. Saturday was just too windy and I set up in the afternoon ad did a 9×12″ of the living room. Colley Whisson did this same view and I thank him for inspiring me. I just got word that he’ll be visiting with me in May. I look forward to catching up with him. He was just featured in International Artist magazine and his workshop is now sold out here in Atlanta. I was fortunate to get a spot and he’s staying here with us. Interesting that two of the illustrations in the… Read MoreHeading toward Spring »
Across the lake, Ed Cahill, Plein Air Painting

Finally cold

This last weekend it finally got cold here and as a result I spent most of the weekend inside. My one foray was to Mountain Park on Saturday for this 12 x12″. I’ve been inspired by the wonderful clouds that have been in the area for the last few weeks and decided to push the landscape down and give the clouds center stage, My thought was to go to the lake get a long vista across the water. Unfortunately is was brutally cold with a good stiff wind off the water. I can take the temperature but when the wind blew it was misery! I loaded up my rock bag with the largest stone I could find but this still… Read MoreFinally cold »
Garbage Night, Ed Cahill, Plein Air Painting


I like to paint at night. It simplifies everything and lets light be the star of the show. I did this Sunday night after watching Downton Abbey and finished up by about 11:15. I bought one of those camper headlights and strapped it to my baseball cap. A bit  of a glare but I was able to work through it. This is the end of my driveway on garbage night. I’ve notice a few other possible painting while walking the dog and hope to get more done in the coming weeks. Nice thing about painting at night the light does not change —unless someone turns it off. Please like & share:
Sunday Afternoon, Ed Cahill, Plein Air Painting

Plein air 2012

I’m guessing this will be my final entry for 2012. It’s been a good year painting and blogging and as I go into 2013 I hope to keep the ball rolling. That means continued work and study to improve as much as possible and some extra effort to participate in events as the Spring plein air season approaches. I intend to apply for the Callaway Gardens festival and hope to be accepted. This is a pro event, and although I am not quite in the league of some of  the painters that attend, I think it would be great experience. I’m also considering the Easton show because of my connections there. This year I will be actively seeking gallery representation,… Read MorePlein air 2012 »