Vickery Creek

Spring Afternoon at Vickery Creek

Memorial Day 2013

This was the first weekend back to a normal schedule of two a day in quite some time. The weather was fantastic with high 70’s and very little humidity. I can’t remember such a string of more perfect days. Saturday I drove over to Vickery Creek and set up right on the water for these two views, one south with the ruins of the old mill and the other north. I thought the north view was better at first but have grown to see the other as more interesting. Both required a bit of work after the fact—but not much. Sunday I stayed home with my visiting dad and watched the Indy 500. My father’s wife has a lot of… Read MoreMemorial Day 2013 »
Mill at Vickery Creek, Ed Cahill, Roswell Plein Air Painting

Liner Crazy

A quick post on the weekend’s plein air. I bought a liner brush last week and though I did not use it I had some fun with it touching these two 11 x 14s up after hours of frustrating effort trying to get those stick trees in just right. I think I overdid it a bit but I enjoyed the free feeling and if I temper myself I think I can make it work in my tool box. The top painting was done Sunday on Vickery Creek. I blogged a few times about this wonderful stretch of  water so I will not repeat myself. It’s been cloudy for the last few weeks but I do like the browns and grays… Read MoreLiner Crazy »