Paint and Win! Blue Ridge, GA
2 Day Plein Air Workshop 

Date: Sept 4 – 5, 2019, 9:30 am – 4:30 pm

Blue Ridge Mountain Arts Association

420 West Main Street, Blue Ridge, GA 30513

If you like to paint outdoors and master your plein air skills, this is the class to take!  In this class, the student will learn how to get ready and compete in a judged plein air paint-out.  The Instructor will show students how to choose subjects that are relevant and unique to catch the eye of judges and buyers.  Other topics discussed include the art of the Quick-Draw, scouting out sites to manage time, tips on presentation for judging, framing and timing.  The Instructor will also discuss some dos and don’ts that will help the student get ready to paint an outside landscape for a more enjoyable experience. 

On the first day of painting, the student will have about two hours in the classroom and then relocate to a location, downtown Blue Ridge, GA.  The second day there will be a classroom critique of the first day’s painting and after discussion, all the students and the Instructor will travel to Reynolds Rapids along the Toccoa River off of Aska Road. If there is inclement weather, a more in-depth instruction on competing in events along with detailed ideas on composition. There is a supply list given upon registering for the class.  Please be sure to come prepared to paint outdoors with equipment needed.  Come join the comradery and have some fun with nature!

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I teach Kennesaw State University KSU/Olli Courses, including an advance oil painting or All Prima.

All these classes are very economical and financial assistance is available too. Come over to the Olli campus for the studio classes. I have a good group with varied skill levels. The new All Prima class is for those wishing to push into intensive and more advanced still life and portraiture.

The Plein Air class meets in locations around the area and if the weather is prohibitive I teach fundamentals inside that will improve your outdoor painting. 

Fall semester classes available for enrollment:

Beginning Oil Painting
Course #25533
8/5/2019 – 9/16/2019
6 Sessions, Weekly, Mondays 9am–12pm
Fee: $105

Plein Air
Course #25312
8/5/2019 – 9/16/2019 
6 Sessions, Weekly, Mondays 1:30pm–4:30pm
Fee: $105

Course #25313
8 Sessions, Weekly, Mondays 1:30pm–4:30pm
Fee: $139

Intermediate Oil Painting
Course #25535
8/6/2019 – 9/17/2019
7 Sessions, Weekly, Tuesdays 9am–12pm
Fee: $119

2019 Events

New Smyrna Beach Plein Air
Oct 20–26

Stone Mountain Plein Air
Sept 28

Blue Ridge Plein Air
September 5–8

Plein Air Easton
July 14–21

Plein Air in the Mountains
June 7–9

Forgotten Coast
May 17–18

Open Air Meriwether
April 8–12

Sautee Plein Air
April 12–14

Olmsted Invitational
April 28–May 5

Duluth Plein Air
Dates to be announced

Supply List:

All supplies are available at Blicks in Marietta or others in store or online.

Oil Paint Brands:
I recommend Utrecht, alternatives are Gamblin, Winsor Newton, Old Holland, Michael Harding. No studio brands—Example: Winton, Gamblin 1980, Blick Studio brand.

Titanium White
Ultramarine Blue—no hues
Cadmium Yellow Light or Lemon—no hues
Cadmium Red no hues
Alizarin Crimson—no hues

Optional colors (not required)
Cerulean blue, Ocher
Viridian or Pthalo Green

Brushes: (Various, but these are essential)
Brands : Utrecht Tuscany, Grumbacher, Princeton, Gainesboro, etc
#14 (1 inch wide) Hogs Hair Flat or an Egbert
#12 ( half inch wide) Synthetic Flat
#6 Flat or Filbert
Liner or small brush


For initial drawing:
Vine Charcoal—Medium
Paper Towels —Complete roll or painters rags
View Finder—View Catcher or similar

2-4 Oil or Gesso Primed Canvas (or linen) Boards
either— 9 x 12”, 12 x 12, 12 x 16”, 8 x16″ or a mix

Jerry’s OP Deluxe Centurion is my recommendation

Odorless mineral spirits, Gamsol or other brand

Small cup for cleaning —No regular mineral spirits or turpentine.

French Easel or Half Easel or Pochade Box w/Tripod
Brands: Jullian French easel, Judsen’s boxes, Open Box M,
Many others online, (Check that the size will match your boards)

Below are links to the vendors I use: