Snow Down South En Plein Air Paintings

Glorious Snow , Ed Cahill Plein Air Painting

This has been a cold winter here in Atlanta—and it’s not over yet! A month or so back we got the most snow that I’ve seen in Atlanta in twenty years. Everyone stayed shut up in the house waiting for it to melt but I was so excited to paint real honest to goodness snow […]

Apiary at Marbry Farm and More Beehive Paintings

Honey Town

It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated my blog. I don’t get a lot of response so it comes late on any list of to-dos. It’s been a busy Spring with several competitions and a trip to Apalachicola, all dedicated to painting and selling as much as I can. I’m doing much less ad […]

Season’s Shifting: Local Marietta Landscape Oil Paintings

Mary Oaks Ed Cahill Plein Air

I’ve come to find a few people read this—so I should keep up. It was an extremely dry Fall here in North Georgia and even though I was worried about my shrubs dying it made for a very colorful and paintable season. All the usual suspects were visited at one time or another. Starting with […]

Featured in Outdoor Painter Newsletter: Mabry Farm

Can’t say enough about the nice job Bob Bahr at did putting together a little story about my favorite place to paint— Mabry Farm. I’m fortunate to live so near this painter’s goldmine and also thankful that people are interested in the work I do there. There are places like Mabry just about everywhere, […]

Mabry Farm Revisited: Painting with Friends Holmes & Kapasi

I spend so much time here that I have to occasionally update my work. Last week Cobb County announced that the construction of the access road back to a portion of the property that the county now owns will start. This is big news for the association that has been trying to raise money, but […]