Spring House

A sudden interest in McFarlane Nature Park

Spring House
Spring House

I was inspired to visit McFarlane Nature Park on the Saturday the 22nd but I will admit that it’s not just the beauty of this spot that drove me to paint a few views here. A fundraiser has been planned in October and I will have the opportunity to exhibit and sell my work at the Atlanta Country Club. I’m excited about the opportunity and I am planning to have quite a few framed pieces that are painted plein air in addition to a few studio works. I got off to a good start this weekend with two – the first — Spring House which is a favorite spot here and then another view, Caretaker’s Garden. I also was interested in this as a larger painting so I dashed off this 18 x24 studio piece. This may be revised later but I am coming to the realization that you don’t have to overwork studio painting just because you have plenty of time.

Caretaker's Garden
Caretaker’s Garden


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