Late Bloomers—Camelia & Fastia, Ed Cahill, Plein Air Painting

Alone in the back yard

I spend an inordinate amount of time alone. I work by myself and my wife works the weekends in most cases. A few days a week my daughter stops in for a few hours to help with her sons. On the weekends I paint. I’m devoted to it and relentless. I average a few plein airs a week and can only hope that I’m improving.

Sunday I stayed at home and painted a view of my backyard. This December has been unusually warm and the Camellias are in full bloom. My wife’s the horticulturist but over the years I’ve come to appreciate and learn a bit about domestic botany. I noticed this flowering shrub the other day while in the backyard on a sunny day and was taken by the way the afternoon sun streaked off the wall behind and lights up those gaudy pink flowers with yellow centers. The other bush is a Fastia —an unusual star leafed bush that also appears to be blooming with green ball sized seed pods. Took about 3 hours and has a lot of vigor with good thick paint—just like I like it.

Late Bloomers—Camelia & Fastia
Late Bloomers—Camelia & Fastia

I call this Late Bloomers

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