Blue afternoon — Plein air on Sloan Street in Roswell

Plein air is an obsession for me so when I don’t get my fix I’m a bit blue. This is dedicated to my mother-in-law, Louise Wurl (born 1919) who passed away Saturday morning. She was the best of grandmothers to my children and always very supportive of me —I will miss her. I had a few free hours and felt like getting things off my mind so I drove into Roswell around Sloan Street again and caught a view of the back of an early 1850 vintage house. With a blazing metal roof, a charming porch and dappled sunlit lawn it drew my attention as I cased the neighborhood for a view. I set up and the light just got better as the afternoon went on. I adjusted the blue a bit lighter as the contrast dropped and put in the telephone lines later. I’ve painted this area now several times and the residents are getting to know me. A cute young couple popped out of their Wrangler to take a look and remind me that a woman named Pam owned this house— I’ve met her on other occasions but I don’t think she even noticed me out back while I was there. Might be a while until I get back.


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