Bumps in the road and a show in Douglasville

Life can turn on you in an instance and no one is immune. A couple of setbacks lately have sapped my enthusiasm but I have much to be thankful for and continue to press on with my goals of improved painting, increased exposure and some legitimate success.

This week I was busy with framing some of my work for a show at the Cultural Arts Center in Douglasville. I accepted an invitation to join the North Georgia Artists Association about a month ago. The organization is headed by Don Maier, now a close associate. He’s very active in the community and I thank him for all his work in getting a venue and organizing the event.

The participating artist are:

Mikki Root Dillon

Don Maier

Suzie Maier

Felix Berroa

Mike Nalley

Tom Kells

Judith Serowiec

Junko Ono Rothwell

Shane McDonald

Toby Reid

Kathy Lynn Morris

Ed Cahill

Marsha Savage

Susan Knight Smith

Nikki Davidson

I was delighted to be able to show three of my plein air pieces along with a few studio works (The Lake House above)  that I have recently finished. Thursday evening was the opening and I enjoyed a ride through parts of Cobb county I rarely see as I took a back door entrance to avoid the traffic.  If you are in the area please stop in and see the show, in runs from June 7th through July 27th. The center is located 8652 Campbellton Street in Douglasville.

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