Chill in the plein air—Sunday at Mountain Park.

It’s was just a bit of a struggle to get up off the couch Sunday around noon with the Falcons looking to go 5-0 for the season, but I’m hard core and I usually only have two days to paint a week. All of the sudden it was very cool this weekend here and around the country, a little early but not unwelcome. Breezy too as I noticed while setting up for this 11 x14 of one the small fishing docs on Lake Cheerful in Mountain Park. I had to load a twenty pound rock in my bag between my easels legs and I needed every once. As I’ve been boring everyone (a bit pretentious) with my desire to loosen up a bit I think I achieved it yesterday with this almost Asian composition of a big leaf pine and the horizontal wooden dock. The color is spot on and the water is pretty close to the actual view. The sun was only out for a few minutes all day and not at all the last two hours. These little larger paintings are taking longer to do—guess it makes sense.

While I was setting up a young woman approached me—it’s a small world. She was an artist and owns the house in the background of the painting. We got to talking and she had been shopping at the store my wife works at that very morning and met Penny and my daughter who was there too. She also was interested in taking an ala prima class —naturally I recommended Jim Gurnsey my plein air teacher. She came back a few hours later to check on me and tell me that she’d already signed up for his next class. Good luck Amy.

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