Penny's Wreath, Ed Cahill, Plein Air Painting

Christmas is here

The nice thing about living in the south is that as a plein air painter your season is so much longer. We’ve had great weather for the last few months and it’s only now staring to get cold in evenings. I’m not sure who reads this blog but If you do please have a great holiday. My wife Penny made this wreath and it was her idea to paint it and make a card out of it. She does wonderful work on things like this and really enjoys Christmas. I can’t think of anyone who makes it more special. And it’s not easy either —I can’t tell you how many hours she’s spent making hand made gifts for the family and her friends plus all the decorating that she does. Finally, it took her two entire evenings to wrap presents. This one’s for you my love.

Penny's Wreath
Penny’s Wreath

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