Colley Whisson Visit

Last summer I was fortunate enough to take a three day workshop with an Australian impressionist  painter, Colley Whisson. After the workshop, I spent a day driving him around Atlanta and the area while he took care of some business. I got to know him pretty well and when he returned to Atlanta last week he spent a few days with us at our home here in Marietta. I don’t need to explain his history here, plenty of info is available on the web. Again, I was fortunate to purchase one of his paintings he sometimes offers to workshop attendees. This 9 x 12″ is so typical of his work with it’s loose but accurate approach—the light just steams in on that big brush he uses. Note the detail shot. I am very proud to own it. Tomorrow, on his last day here we are going plein air painting with some friends—I’ll try to post some pictures.

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