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Easter Sunday in paint

Easter Garden - Ed Cahill
Easter Garden – Ed Cahill

After settling for third place  in my local plein air paint out I was a bit dismayed but I have a tough skin and things  were back to normal this weekend. I am so taken by the flowering trees this Spring and every chance I get I paint the latest to bloom. First was the Chinese Magnolia then the pear trees and now the cherry trees are going at it. Soon, my favorite dogwoods will be in their glory so you can expect a few more.

Easter Morning—Gray & Pink
Easter Morning—Gray & Pink

This weekend was Easter Sunday and I got up early to catch a flowering cherry tree down the hill here on my street. I’ve been experimenting with how to paint flowering trees and this one almost hit the mark. I went just a bit to far with it—none the less it’s a pleasing example of Spring color. It was cloudy and I had a few more hours before I had to leave for dinner at my daughter’s house so I set up in my garden looking South for this horizontal that include some of the jonquils—as they call them down here.

This final flowering tree was painted downtown Marietta on Saturday in bright light. I pushed this 11 x14 a bit and took it farther than normal—a sin I’m still  guilty off too much, I think my attraction to complicated subjects is the problem. Victorian homes and flowering pear trees is a lot to cover in an afternoon and I had to knife in the final light on this because the paint just would not stick anymore.

Spring's Early Envoy
Spring’s Early Envoy

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