Chattahoochee at Island Ford, Ed Cahill, Plein Air Painting

February’s first weekend

Chattahoochee at Island Ford
Chattahoochee at Island Ford

I’m averaging a few paintings every weekend and did so again this first one of the month. Looking for some classes to take and I noticed that Rodger Dale Brown is going to teach one up in Dahlonega at the Art Loft this spring so I’m going to see if I can make the time to attend. I like his tonal painting in which he limits very effectively the very dark and very light thus giving his work an atmospheric feel that I wish I could adopt. I’m a big believer now of taking a class—when you can afford it. I seams like they are all $400 + and that’s a lot of money. Also you need to travel and stay close so that’s extra money. Dahlonega is a wonderful old mining town about half way to my in-laws house in Helen GA. I can stay up there a few nights so I won’t have to drive two hours a day just to take a class.

I’m also considering going to Hawaii to visit my brother this year if I can sell some art work to pay for it—that would be the trip of a lifetime and may be my only chance to visit this land of dreams. And to think, all I would be doing is painting—no tourist crap.

Saturday I drove across the Roswell bridge south and took the first left working my way north along the river. I wanted to get a view across the water to some of the islands that are midstream there. I discovered that The Chattahoochee National Park at Island Ford has a wonderful park and It’s only about forty minutes from my door. It was chilly but sunny and I found this nice view across the river toward a house on the other side. It was naturally framed by interesting trees so I did not have to do much manipulation to put together the composition. It started out bright and colorful but I lost the sun as it went past noon and you can see that in this rather grayed view. An interesting side light was that I noticed a an all white hawk flying over the river. At first I thought it was and osprey but it came quit e close I saw it was pure white and certainly a hawk. All I can figure is that it was an albino.

Sunday I started about 10am with a drive over south of Marietta to a place I remember having a long stretch of railroad and a few older period houses near the tracks. It must of been quite a while back because the area has been totally re engineered and not for the good —really nothing special to paint. So I spent a few hours touring up and down South Cobb drive looking for an interesting scene with some rail activity. While doing so I came across an airplane park with an assortment of jets and old ANG planes from Dobbins AFB. I love planes but for some reason I decided to do that another day when I was ready for it. I ended up at Brumbry Hall, a wonderfully preserved ca. 1850’s home with great gardens and grounds. This was the location of the former Georgia Military Academy as I learned from the plaque posted there—So much interesting history in this area. This lovely low mansion has a spectacular columned front a porch and wonderful proportions so I was immediately sucked in. I did a few drawings and ended up doing this back lit view with one of the big juniper trees that must be at least as old as the house itself.

All in all a nice few days—I really should start taking people with me. The only thing I get worried about is that they will want to leave before I’m done—That might be a good thing.

Brumby Hall
Brumby Hall

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