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Thanksgiving Day 2012 - Ed Cahill
Thanksgiving Day 2012 – Ed Cahill

This Thanksgiving weekend we stayed in town and celebrated with my daughter and family at her house in Roswell. I had the chance to start this 9 x12″ early on Thursday and finished it Sunday morning. It’s back light view down my driveway that I’ve been seeing for years as a possible painting. My neighbors little MR2 sits at the back. This took longer than it should have after fussing with those foreground shadows.

In between I spent an entire afternoon Saturday at Morgan Falls park in Sandy Springs fighting of throngs of visitors who all supported me on my quest to paint the rather dramatic view of the river from this newly built park. Unfortunately with five hours into the 11 x14″ panel I decided that it was not worth keeping and scraped it down after taking a good look at it. I hate to waste such time and effort but a few things prevented success and I’ll take them as a temper to my angst. I forgot my brushes first, and had to make due with one rather shaggy flat that I had in my drawing box. I also decided to ad some foreground to this rather panoramic view to solve a problem I encounter on any lake view – nothing going on up front. Third, I forgot the memory card in my camera and had no reference information for a touch up that I was counting on to pull this together. All I can say is that I have a nice oil primed panel to work on next time.

I find that this blog attracts a lot of spam comments from eastern Europe. The software controlling this tripe looks for words that key into their products. All I can say is that if it has nothing to do with painting it’s going in the trash.

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