ITP – view from White Provisions

I make no secret of the fact that I’m a bit of a shut in. But I’ve been inspired by some urban plein air by  Jerry Campell an artist from Toronto. He paints very interesting views of the city and I’m always threatening him to do one here. If you don’t live in Atlanta, ITP stands for inside the perimeter as apposed to OTP. The perimeter is I-285 that surrounds the city an appears to be a not only a physical but also a lifestyle boundary. ITP is hip urban, OTP is out of touch suburban.

This was painted from the sixth floor parking deck of the very hip White Provisions in NW Atlanta and although this looks pretty green the surrounding area if full of re purposed warehouses and cool restaurants. I would have attempted the opposite view—towards midtown, but I just did not have the guts to tackle all the skyscrapers on a 9 x 11 board.

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