Mill at Vickery Creek, Ed Cahill, Roswell Plein Air Painting

Liner Crazy

Mill at Vickery Creek
Mill at Vickery Creek

A quick post on the weekend’s plein air. I bought a liner brush last week and though I did not use it I had some fun with it touching these two 11 x 14s up after hours of frustrating effort trying to get those stick trees in just right. I think I overdid it a bit but I enjoyed the free feeling and if I temper myself I think I can make it work in my tool box. The top painting was done Sunday on Vickery Creek. I blogged a few times about this wonderful stretch of  water so I will not repeat myself. It’s been cloudy for the last few weeks but I do like the browns and grays in this.

At the bottom a view of  one of the many restored Polk St. historic homes just West of the Square in Marietta. This is from a park across the street that John Guernsey paints often. It’s one of the locations he uses for teaching. I’m tempted to cut this down to a square 11″  because it really has way too much going on and I’d like to center the view in on the alley. John would not like the liner work.

Through the Alley
Through the Alley

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