Mabry House

Back in my neighborhood on Sunday I did this view of one of the farmhouses on the old Mabry property. This is a nice 1800’s house restored (not too much) on Wesley Chapel Rd. just about a mile from my house. It’s now being used as a an equestrian clubhouse —see the hitching post. After painting this I met the Mabrys who invited me in to take a look and have a refreshment. This is part of their original homestead and is a classic southern gabled cottage. From the history I’ve read it dates from the early 1900s but it may be bit older, say 1880’s or 90’s. There should be a flanking chimney—I was told it was removed. The interior has 4 big rooms and soaring 12 foot ceilings with wonderful natural pine trim all around.

I painted this is blaring sunlight and got bit of a red neck to show for it. I had to remember to adjust the darks a bit lighter —a common problem when painting in direct sunlight.


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