My studio and office

Over the years I have finished off my daylight basement into an office and painting studio. I’m not a professional but I have been able to do all the drywall and trim along with all the built-ins here. My office has three work stations all with macs that my workmates and I occupy during the week or whenever there is work to do. We have a printer, fax machine etc. along with a few dry erase boards that we keep track of all the jobs on a two week basis. Things have slowed down a bit so it’s mostly just me now days but the fine art section has been upgraded recently with a new station for framing my plein air work and storage. Along the wall you will see some of my paintings that range from my 9 x12″ plein airs to some of my studio landscapes plus a few of my steampunk works. Behind this room I have a small wood shop with some basic equipment that I use for storage and the dirtier jobs. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent here in the last 10 years…beats working for a living.

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