Forsythe, Ed Cahill, Plein Air Painting

No sun —Winter plein air

Forsythe - Ed Cahill
Forsythe – Ed Cahill

I’m seeing a lot of nice winter scenes posted from some of my fellow plein air painters but here in Georgia all we are getting is cloudy days and rain. Don’t misunderstand me I’m not a cold weather fan but I do like snow paintings, and wouldn’t mind visiting  just to paint  if you could get home for dinner. So what you see here are a few 11 x14″ paintings done this weekend. The first up in Forsythe county just a few minutes north of here. It’s a bit more rural and this features an older farm home  stuck out in the field with a heard of sheep in front. I’m telling you that because you will not be able to tell.

The second painting was done down by the stream in my neighborhood. Beautiful back there behind the pool along the steam and It was quiet all day why I stood and worked on this. I like the woods this time of year because of the beach tree leaves that are the only ones left. They grow out horizontal and have this parchment color. It’s and interesting counter too all the vertical bare trees.

Both of these were done on my new pochade box that my wife gave me for Christmas. It may take me a few weeks before I get used to the setup but this lager box allows me to paint a bigger painting. I’ll get a picture next time.

Apallachia - Ed Cahill
Apallachia – Ed Cahill

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