Sunday Afternoon, Ed Cahill, Plein Air Painting

Plein air 2012

I’m guessing this will be my final entry for 2012. It’s been a good year painting and blogging and as I go into 2013 I hope to keep the ball rolling. That means continued work and study to improve as much as possible and some extra effort to participate in events as the Spring plein air season approaches. I intend to apply for the Callaway Gardens festival and hope to be accepted. This is a pro event, and although I am not quite in the league of some of  the painters that attend, I think it would be great experience. I’m also considering the Easton show because of my connections there.

This year I will be actively seeking gallery representation, locally to start. I’d like to find a good quality show place that will fit my needs here in Roswell or perhaps in town. I will also be working on some new online approached and hope  a combination of both with a bit more effort may reward me.

Last Saturday I got the idea of trying a vista from Kennesaw Mountain so I drove over before noon and hiked up the mountain. I pack about twenty pounds of gear  and the trip up took more than an hour, all the way looking for a good spot but I just had to go to the top. None-the-less I was worried about spending to much time and not getting finished before the park closed so after about forty minutes at the summit I  hiked back down. Next time I take the bus up!

Sunday I decided to stay close to home and help my wife with some last minute holiday preparations but set up on the lower deck for this light filled view of the back yard.

Sunday Afternoon
Sunday Afternoon

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