Plein air on the river and a show in midtown

My good friend Dr. K called me last week. We met about a year ago while I was painting on up on Lake Burton and have gotten together several times to  paint since then. We decided on Jones Bridge Park on the Chattahoochee and headed out early. Good thing—as I got us both lost on the way out. None-the-less we arrived before noon and enjoyed a perfect morning on the river. I’ve been trying to lighten up my darks a bit and proceeded to mix them up then gray them down with some white.  This is a gorgeous spot on the river because it widens out and has marvelous rock outcroppings in the river. You can walk out pretty far and get some great views up and down the river. The fisherman like the area too—there have always been quite a few when I visit. Saturday they were out in force so I put one in. I was about to start a second one when the doctor suggested we take a break.

He wanted to show me some paintings at a new exhibit in midtown.  So we loaded up, got some lunch (thanks Munir), then fought our way through Buckhead traffic to Miami Circle where Ann Irwin Fine Art is. I was really just along for the ride but was delighted and surprised to see the work of some of the top plein air painters in the country —actually all from California—thus the show name California Dreaming.  Ken Auster, Dana Hooper, Dan McCaw, Danny McCaw, John McCaw, Terry Miura, Terry DeLapp, Adele Sypesteyn and William Wray . I was especially interested in seeing real Wray, Miura and Ken Auster work, all whom I’ve admired in many publications and online. I was not as aware of the McCaw family but one of a mother and child on the beach by Ken McCaw impressed me and I’ll be looking online to see some more of his work.

Auster’s frosting thick paint was something to see in person and Wray’s work was impressive in the way he was able to enlarge industrial/grunge ideas without increasing the amount of useless detail. Terry Miura is a recent discovery of mine— having just explored his blog a few night previous. He uses photos along with plein air but it’s hard to tell ( and really unimportant).  I don’t get out much other than to paint but it’s always worthwhile to see some good art, especially if you can see it in person.  If your in the area get over and see this show.

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