Saturday on the River

Spent a beautiful afternoon plein air painting with Doctor K. up along the Chattahoochee at Jones Bridge Park Saturday Afternoon. We started at McDaniel Farm up near Gwinnett Mall but for some reason it was closed for the day.  Munir was driving so we packed up and headed back south to this spot we have visited before. The nice thing about this park is that the river opens up wider here and cascades over rock shelves. Depending on the river depth they stick out of the water and are great visual breaks from the flowing river. Tons of geese are always here too and I put a few in the painting along with a shadow that covered most of the foreground. Munir finished up faster than I did so I had to take this home and give it about an hour on the easel. The color was not quite as intense in the trees but I could not help myself—Fall is in the air. I’ve been working a bit larger to try to keep looser but this is still a very controlled rendering… just the way it is.


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