Rest & Roses

Smith-Gilbert Gardens Paint-Out

Rest & Roses
Rest & Roses

This last weekend was the Smith -Gilbert Gardens Spring Paint Out in Kennesaw, about a half hour from my home. It ran Thursday and Friday —days that I usually have some work to do so I tried to make some special arrangements. I woke up early Thursday and was the first to arrive —not to be over anxious but I needed to get back to work around noon. Friday I worked in the morning and got over to the gardens at about 1 PM. As it was I still had a few annoying problems with clients—also my phone and internet lines went dead about 10AM  —it’s always something!

The gardens are quite lovely and this time of the year are usually full of blooming plants but due to a very cool Spring there was not an abundance of color and it was cloudy and cool both days.  As I’ve stated before, I’m serious about competitions and try to do my very best so I’ve learned to be prepared. I have a collection of photos taken last time I was there so I used them to scout out possible locations.  I did a few initial thubnail drawings to the  proportions of my boards  and this worked quite well.  When I got there I went directly to my most promising location and set up—avoiding wondering around looking for spots. This view overlooks a large cypress tree with benches beneath right in the middle of the large rose garden.

Mulberry Tree
Mulberry Tree

On Friday after dealing with the phone problem I again used my scouting plan and went to second best idea and set up after I arrived around 1PM. I was a bit less enthusiastic about this view as the light was failing and rain was imminent. None-the-less the rain held off and I was able to finish up  around 4 PM. I then framed up my two entries and went to the reception confident that I had at least one good entry.

I was delighted with the quality of other work and even though there were only about ten other artists involved, not overly confident that I’d even place. Dee Beard Brown was the judge and it was interesting to here about her background. She started Plein Air Painters of the SE—a group I would very much like to member of. She was well qualified and I was excited that Susan Schroeder, the organizer of the event was able to get her to participate—this is something that many such events lack. In the end I was pleased and fortunate to win second place for my —Rest in the Rose Garden.

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