Dogwoods on Canton St.

It’s inevitable, Spring can’t be stopped. And who would want to? But this winter was good for me in the marsh and on the boardwalk. Now things have changed and I’m looking in familiar places for the things I love about Spring. Dogwoods, redbuds, sunny grass reflecting on eves, and longer warmer days to paint.

I’ve spent several weekends on Canton Street chasing blossoming trees and strong light. This first one is The Cat Clinic —nothing to do with cats but lots to do with green in all its variations. Right below a view of the Fickle Pickle—a very busy restaurant in an old mid

Cat Clinic

19th century home. The Stone House—another Canton Street landmark that I did just recently—more light than usual, it being on the bright side of the road.  A small 9×12—Spring on Canton Street. featuring dogwoods and lots of reflective colors. And the obligatory font on the view of Mac McGee’s—my favorite watering hole.

The Fickle Pickle
The Stone House
Mac MaGees

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