St. Simon's—Marshes of Glyn

St. Smon’s Trip —First Three Days

St. Simon's—Marshes of Glyn
St. Simon’s—Marshes of Glyn

St. Simon's —On the Causeway

St. Simons - The Pier
St. Simons – The Pier

In spite of a some rain I’ve been able to keep up my “two a days” this first three days of a glorious vacation here on St. Simon’s  with my entire family. They are so nice and understanding when almost all of my time has been devoted to painting. I did  som

St. Simons - Rainy Afternoon
St. Simons – Rainy Afternoon

e larger 12 x 21″ paintings the first few days and really enjoyed the longer views. The three up top —Marshes of Glynn, View from the Causeway and Night Fishing are all this larger size and I was pleased with the results. The marsh painting required a bit of work after I go t home but the other two are both plein air from start to finish.

Beach Life  is a 9 x12 and was my first effort of the week. It came together in the end when they unfurled the colorful sails of the catamaran. Amidst some rain the second day I set up under the cover of the front poach of the rental to do another 9 x12 of the walkway and view through the gate.

The next day I went just down the street for this view of some of the older charming homes in the area with the characteristic Live Oaks so common—this is 12 x12. That night I spent a few hours doing the nocturne above of the delightful pier at the end of the island. It’s a collecting point for fish and crab fishers throughout the evening and is another landmark on this charming older coastal island.

 St. Simons—The Beach
St. Simons—The Beach


St. Simon's Alley
St. Simon’s Alley

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