The Farm House

Summer’s End

The Farm HouseAs we approach Labor Day

Tractor Shed
Tractor Shed

I’ve been busy with work but have found time to sneak in some plein air and some studio work. The Gwinnett Plein Air Challenge had another session the last few weekends at McDaniel’s Farm. With rain on the previous Saturday this Saturday made up for it with a perfect day. I did get a small 9 x12″ done on the 17th that featured one of the sheds in ultra wet weather. A bunch of us painted from the porch of the farm house out of the rain. Saturday I worked on a 12 x 24″ of the farm house that I’ve been planning for some time. It’s very ambitious and I did not finish it—at least to my satisfaction. I put in several more hours during two more sessions at home on Saturday evening and Sunday morning. I still need to resolve few issues so I have at least one more session. This competition allows you to work at home on them —something I really don’t like but I will take adBA12x12vantage of it. plein air.

I’m also working a a studio version of Beach Access, a plein air I did in St. Simmon’s last month. It’s a 30 x 30″ and is pretty well along. I find that I sill don’t have the knack of just enlarging them. I just feel they need more…not really detail, just thought perhaps.

Finally, I’ve spent some time with good friend Munir Kapasi who had a rough time of it lately but is looking good and I hope stays that way. He invited me to take part in a fundraiser that benefits local needy children with art sales—they take 15%. I was delight to participate and sent them five paintings framed up. I touched up a few of my 12 x 24’s along with a few smaller pieces and sent them over. I was pleased with the results of the larger paintings especially—they just look impressive framed. The sale is early next month so we’ll see what happens.       Lake Seed Sunset framedjpgChattahhoochee Afternoon FramedwThe SchoalsFramedw

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