Ed Cahill Plein Air Chattahoochee Cattails

The Marsh: Plein Air Painting on the Chattahoochee

For the past few months, I’ve been spending most of my plein air time at the Chattahoochee River. The #Roswell River Boardwalk, as I’ve explained is all new and a treasure for me and many others who live here. I often take a few finished pieces along with me selling several this way—I enjoy the extra cash but also it’s my wish that others may appreciate them.

The Marsh, 12 x16″

There is one section of this area that I call the marsh. It’s right at the corner of Willeo Rd and Azalea Drive and is about a mile square on the riverside. It’s dominated by clumped grasses and cattails. Right now it’s the favorite spot for Canadian gees to gather in pairs prerequisite to nesting as soon as the weather warms up. The contrast of the spikey grasses, reflective water, and four to six-foot cattails is interesting. The grass varies from a rich viridian to a red straw. It’s been predominately gray and overcast but last Saturday I caught one section on a 12×24″ board filled with sunlight and the water reflecting the brilliant blue sky.

Color on the river-ed-cahill-plein-air
Winter Color on the River, 9 x12″

This has been my most productive winter since I began to paint Plein air nearly six years ago now and am looking forward to another weekend of work starting Friday, (2/10/17) attempting to capitalize off the marsh success with a larger 18 x36 canvas, It’s supposed to be nice weather Friday through Sunday, so I’ll have a chance to put in the least two days on this panorama —hoping to finish off my salute to winter on the River.

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