Vickery Creek Falls

I’ve been spending a lot of time in Roswell painting since the beginning of the new year. It’s a wonderful area with lots of parks and older homes. One of my places is Vickery Creek—this is a tributary to the Chattahoochee that runs through Roswell and contains the old textile mill and a

damn with falls. The falls is about 50 feet tall and the day I was there was shimmering in the late afternoon sun. This took about 3 hours to do and nobody stopped in to say hello—a good thing.

I took a short movie on my iPad along with a few stills that are very close to what the painting looks like. I put in a light ocher under painting under all that water to warm it up a bit. There actually was a bit of a rainbow shimmering off the spray but I figured that would be to hard to pull off in such short time.

Also a photo showing my setup, a 9×12 pochade box and my very selective assortment of brushes. I usually only use 2, mostly a big #13 flat. All my paint is Gamblin and in this case I’m using a 9 x 12″canvas panel.

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