Wonderous Wednesday at Mountain Park

What can I say…I’m usually laying out used car ads on my mac on wednesdays but today was a special occasion. Colley Whisson— in my estimation one of Australia’s great young painters was in town on his last day here and had nothing to do— so we went painting! And what a day…a 10 on the wizometer. Colley stays with Janet Suarez while he’s in town and she picked me up around 9:30, while I’m usually down stairs in my office going through email. I pushed everything out of the way and enjoyed the Spring weather and the company of fellow painters.

Mountain Park doesn’t really have any mountains, in fact it may be lowest point in Fulton County and has two lakes divided by a small damn and few small parks. It’s a throwback to the 50’s with small cottages and very mature landscaping. I think it has more ducks than people. We set up on the Lake Cheerful side and went to work. Colley did three small warm ups and then spent the last few hours on a nice figure painting of Janet at work. Janet, who’s studying for her master’s in art education at Georgia Southern worked on larger pieces. I was busy with a few of my 9×12’s, one of the blooming pear trees and forsythia the other of an unsuspecting lunch eater. All in all a wonderful day.  

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